30 minute remote hypnosis treatment by Dr. Danny McLane

Dr. Danny McLane takes a different approach than anyone else in the field by using his unique Hypnotic Installations technique. This approach is like a download of information that streamlines your learning or healing process and shortens your learning index by simply reprogramming your mind.

1 hour hypnosis recording done by Dr. Danny McLane

  •  Hypnosis is a proven and effective way to get your brain programmed for weight loss and change your old unhealthy habits into new lifelong habits that will encourage your healthy lifestyle.
  • ​Dr. Danny McLane will use your Hypnosis Intake to craft a 60 minute long hypnosis recording designed to align your subconscious with your goals.
  • ​The hypnosis is recorded and turned into a MP3 track for you to have forever. Listen to this hypnosis each day for the best results.
Having a diffuclt time with your goals? Functional Medicine Dr. Danny McLane has dedicated his life to educating himself on how to heal the human body with the best of both functional medicine and science. His expertise is sought out world wide, as he is known for solving or fixing the most difficult and complex cases. Dr. Danny McLane's unique hypnotic installation technique will program your subconscious mind to to accomplish your desired results. Use this custom Hypnosis track to get a boost with any thing you feel is holding you back.

Fill out your information, and Hypnosis Intake we send you via email to tell Dr Danny McLane what goal you want to achieve.
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About Us
 Our goal is to reach as many people as possible bringing natural solutions based on the best of both functional medicine and science. The truth is excess weight and inflammation is very prevalent in our culture, but the solution is often times not that complex. With access to our resources, tools and community, we are here to guide you to good health. With a shift in your lifestyle, we will get you on the right track. We are here to make a positive impact on as many peoples lives as possible through nutrition.