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Medical Medium
Lisa Brown

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Our Mission

Is to provide resources and community support for people to lose weight and attain their healthiest self.

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Every person's body is biochemically different, 
that's why diet fads do not work for everyone.

This is not your normal weight loss program, here is whats included.

What is the ADIO Weight Loss Facebook Group?

  • We have set up this Group to give people all around the world mobile access to the amazing resources provided by Dr. Danny McLane, Digestive Specialist Renee Barasch, and Medical Medium Lisa Brown in order to streamline your health goals.
  • ​You will have a sense of community connecting with other people on a similar journey as you. This is also a platform for you to get access to Dr. Danny McLane, Digestive Specialist Renee Barasch, and Medical Medium Lisa Browns expertise.
  •  Our exclusive Facebook community hosts the tools and resources you need.
  • ​Weekly Q&A sessions where our Digestive Specialist Renee Barasch will answer your questions about health or how food works in your body.

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  •  Access to our exclusive ADIO Facebook Weight Loss Community.
  • ​Cookbook app with over 200 recipes.
  • ​Video on breathing exercises.
  • ​Video presentation with Dr. Danny McLane as he explains how most of what you know about food and how it works in your body is wrong, and what you need to change in order for your eating habits to align with your health goals.
  •  How to guides for the 3 types of fasting, and the importance of fasting.
  • ​5 hypnosis tracks designed to fast track your ability to create new habits.
  • ​A guided morning routine.
  • ​Weekly Q&A sessions with our Digestive Specialist Renee Barasch.
  • ​And more!

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These additional services will give you a tailor made experience based on your needs.

Additional Services

30 minute nutritional phone consult with Digestive Specialist Renee Barasch

  •  As a Certified Digestive Health Specialist, Renee is able to help people choose the right foods to help their body heal and repair, versus those that will increase inflammation. Use this call to set a foundation for your weight loss journey. Renee has helped a tremendous amount of people take their life back through nutrition.
  • ​For local subscribers, Renee also has the resources to run tests to identify any environmental toxins, food sensitivities, infections, and many other factors that may be present and hindering your ability to lose weight. (tests not included in membership)

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Renee Barasch

For the last 14 years, Digestive Health Specialist Renee Barasch has been practicing as a Certified Digestive Health Specialist. She has helped people with a wide variety of health issues

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"The Tummy Whisperer"

1 hour hypnosis recording done by Dr. Danny McLane

  •  Hypnosis is a proven and effective way to get your brain programmed for weight loss and change your old unhealthy habits into new lifelong habits that will encourage your healthy lifestyle. 
  • ​Dr. Danny McLane will use your Hypnosis Intake to craft a 60 minute long hypnosis recording designed to align your subconscious with your goals.
  • ​This recording and turned into a MP3 track for you to have forever. Listen to this hypnosis each day for the best results.

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Thorough analysis and interpretation for your current blood work.

  •  This process will give anyone in the country access to our comprehensive blood work analyzer.
  • ​You will fill out a Patient Symptom Survey, and send us your current blood work then we will run it through our analyzer and generate a thorough report explaining each marker that is out of range, along with a nutritional recommendation to bring each specific marker back into the optimal range.
  • ​If you don’t have current blood work available, We at ADIO can order our comprehensive blood panel through LabCorp designed to give us the clearest picture of what is going on inside your body. Email: ADIOLabWork@gmail.com to learn more about our comprehensive blood services.
  • ​Blood work must be 2 months or newer.

 After you complete your blood testing, our Functional Medicine Doctor will analyze your results and generate a Nutritional Support plan based on your specific needs. By taking the guess work out, we will only include Nutritional support that you need based on your test results. 

Get connected with Medical Medium Lisa Brown.

  •  Get more willpower, energetically you will have a much easier time restraining impulses. This will take your self discipline to new heights, making your desired health goals much easier to obtain.
  • ​Get more energy, this healing will help clear blockages mentally, physically, and spiritually resulting in a lighter load for your mind, body, and spirit. Once you lighten your load you will have new profound energy levels. When you drop this dead weight you will be more efficient with your energy making hitting your health goals much easier.
  • ​Curb cravings, This healing includes that extra spark of strength you need to fight food cravings. Food cravings are often times where people cheat on their diet. With this remote healing, you will be programmed to not give in to these addictive behaviors.
  • ​This remote healing service is very effective. You will take a current picture and send it to our specialist Lisa Brown, and the healing will be performed the same day. Every person receives their own personal healing, this is not one size fits all.
  • ​Will power healing is what is most commonly ordered for people in our ADIO Weight Loss Group, but this service can be customized for any desired result you want.
  • ​If you are interested in learning more or purchasing remote healing services connect with Lisa Brown on Facebook by clicking the button below.

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About Us
 Our goal is to reach as many people as possible bringing natural solutions based on the best of both functional medicine and science. The truth is excess weight and inflammation is very prevalent in our culture, but the solution is often times not that complex. With access to our resources, tools and community, we are here to guide you to good health. With a shift in your lifestyle, we will get you on the right track. We are here to make a positive impact on as many peoples lives as possible through nutrition.