30 minute nutritional phone consult with 
Digestive Specialist Renee Barasch

Get direct access to your personal "Digestive Health Specialist"

30 minute nutritional phone consult with Digestive Specialist Renee Barasch

  •  As a Certified Digestive Health Specialist, Renee is able to help people choose the right foods to help their body heal and repair, versus those that will increase inflammation. Use this call to set a foundation for your weight loss journey. Renee has helped a tremendous amount of people take their life back through nutrition.
  • ​For local subscribers, Renee also has the resources to run tests to identify any environmental toxins, food sensitivities, infections, and many other factors that may be present and hindering your ability to lose weight. (tests not included in membership)

Renee Barasch

For the last 14 years, Digestive Health Specialist Renee Barasch has been practicing as a Certified Digestive Health Specialist. She has helped people with a wide variety of health issues

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Digestive Health Specialist Renee Barasch has learned that each body is biochemically unique. The diet and supplementation that works for one person may not work for another. Renee Barasch takes an individualized, science-based approach to figuring out your unique digestive and nutritional needs and help you restore your bodies’ balance, naturally.
Getting you feeling better and empowering you to make choices that will better your well-being is Renee's top priority.

Use this service as a powerful tool to leverage your health. Renee can help pin point foods that may be working against you in your health journey. Get access to your personal Digestive Health Specialist by filling out your information.
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 Our goal is to reach as many people as possible bringing natural solutions based on the best of both functional medicine and science. The truth is excess weight and inflammation is very prevalent in our culture, but the solution is often times not that complex. With access to our resources, tools and community, we are here to guide you to good health. With a shift in your lifestyle, we will get you on the right track. We are here to make a positive impact on as many peoples lives as possible through nutrition.